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C-Max This site is aimed at the Ford owner and DIY enthusiasts and is written in an everyday language explaining all the information you need to know but don't know who to ask. Whether you are going to fix your car or just need that extra peace of mind of an unbiased opinion when your car is being repair, we are here to help.  
Granada We can also help you avoid being caught out by the rogue traders!, they are "out there" so beware! Our site isn't just aimed at the DIYer but also aimed at those that have absolutely no technical knowledge who want to make sure of getting a fair deal.  
Puma There are hundreds of problems and answers listed on this site for immediate access for members but it doesn't stop there, if your problem doesn't appear on this site then as a member you can email us the details and we will email back the answer, it's as simple as that.  
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  Where our site differs from others, is in our email service. If your problem isn't listed on the site then simply email us your symptoms and we will email back what we consider the best course of action is.  

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